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On behalf of the Tchertkoff Memorial & Cultural Foundation, I would like to express my personal and deepest gratitude to the following people worldwide who gave me their support, talent, dedicated effort and encouragement:

John Freeman,
Photographer, London, England

Mr. Freeman whose photographs of the interior of the Tchertkoff Mansion were published in the art book Moscow Revealed (Abbeville Press, NY 1991) were the source of my personal discovery of the Library and Mansion in 1993, which can be seen in Photo Gallery I   His biography in the book describes him as one of Great Britain’s most highly regarded landscape and architectural photographers. His work has appeared in many magazines and journals and he is the author of several books, including London Revealed. He was commissioned by the Royal Collection to photograph Windsor Castle for their official guide.

Michel Rutschkowsky
Conservateur en Chef du Patrimoine, Paris, France

Close friend of thirty years, his great moral support, inspiration, encouragement and professional advice in the field of preservation of historical monuments and rare books and his profound knowledge of Russia gives me the strength to believe in the realization of this cultural project.

Vladimir Boykov
Director of “Russian Mansion” – Publishing & Exhibition Center, Voronezh, Russia

Mr. Boykov personally hosted me several times in Voronezh, city of my ancestral home. He assisted me in finding my family estate in the town of Khvoshchevatka, the sugar factory in Olkhovatka, the town of Chertkovo and its railroad station built by M.I. Tchertkoff in 1869 in the Rostov region. He was instrumental in organizing all public relation contacts, and most of all, he helped to find and reunite me with my cousin, living in Paris, Michel Parfenov-Tchertkoff who is editor of SOLIN-ACTES SUD.

Peter Dobroluybov
Union of Artists of Russia, Moscow, Russia

His tireless contributions in Moscow help me to find my way in this capital city and are a tremendous asset for me in pursuing my objectives. His contacts within the cultural circle have given me the opportunity to promote the work of the Foundation for those who are influential in culture and education. As an artist, Mr. Dobroluybov’s work can be found in the exposition of the State Museum of Fine Arts (the Pushkin Museum).

Boris Mourashkin
Academician, Member of the International Informatization Academy (IIA)
Sea Cliff, NY, USA

I met Boris Mourashkin in October 1990 when he just arrived in the US from Novosibirsk, Siberia. This coincided with the beginning of my discovery of the Tchertkoff Library & Mansion and those events which followed. He was a tremendous asset and support for me in official correspondence and always had encouraging words in time of stress and discouragement. His optimism and love for his motherland gave me strength to pursue what seemed to many people to be a Mission Impossible. Author of the Bio-Energetic Psychotropic Music, Mourashkin’s work has been described as “acupuncture with sound” and a “bio-massage”. He is on the leading edge of “Healing Music”, yet many of his concepts have roots in century-old traditions.

Alla Umanskaya
Journalist, Philologist. Moscow, Russia

I met Mrs. Umanskaya in New York in the spring of 1995. Her love of the restoration project of the Tchertkoff Library & Mansion resulted in unforeseeable events. She introduced me to a journalist of a leading Moscow newspaper Vechernya Moskva who since then wrote numerous articles about the Tchertkoff legacy in Russia and the restoration project. Through an acquaintance of hers I was introduced to Academician Victor Momot of the Academy of Science and Russian Encyclopedia who was instrumental to get me invited to address the Russian Parliament. Another of her acquaintances, Alexander Epstein, a photographer, took many black & white pictures of the Tchertkoff Mansion (which can be seen in Photo Gallery I) which appeared in many national and international newspapers. Mr. Epstein subsequently passed away in May of 1998.

Genady N. Seleznyov
State Duma of the Russian Federation

It was a great honor for me, as the first foreign citizen ever, to have been invited by the Speaker of the Russian Parliament to present to the Deputies and to the Russian people at large the restoration project of the Tchertkoff Foundation on December 20, 1996.

Dr. Mikhail Afanasiev
Director, The State Historical Public Library of Russia
Moscow, Russia.

I would like to express all my gratitude to Dr. Afanasiev for allowing me access to the First Public Library of Moscow founded by my ancestors. I hope that the forthcoming events such as the 135th anniversary of the foundation of the Tchertkoff Library which will be celebrated in Moscow on the 7-9 October of 1998, will begin in earnest the restoration work.

Igor V. Zaitsevsky
Znanie Society of the RSFSR – Central Russian House of Knowledge
(The Tchertkoff Mansion), Moscow, Russia

When I first discovered the Tchertkoff mansion in 1993, Mr. Zaitsevsky was the first to open the doors and introduced to me the mansion of my ancestors. For the next two years, he gave me access to it and kindly allowed me to walk through the beautiful corridors and historical rooms so I could learn more about the history of the mansion as well as to take pictures and film it. For that opportunity, I am deeply thankful to him.

Elizabeth N. Muraviev
Moscow, Russia

Ms. Muraviev assisted me finding the Moscow Archives in August 1993.

Yassya Galperina
Moscow, Russia

Mrs. Galperina was instrumental to help me reproduce numerous architectural blueprints of the Tchertkoff Mansion dated since 1803 I was given by the Moscow Archives.

Vladimir A. Rezvin
A.V. Shchusev State Research Museum of Architecture
Moscow, Russia

Mr. Rezvin was the first to officially give his support to the restoration project of the Tchertkoff Mansion.

Academician Dmitri S. Likhachev
Pushkin Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

Known as the “Conscience of Russia” for the past five decades, and being an unquestionable moral authority worldwide, Mr. Likhachev gave his full support to the restoration project of the Foundation by writing a personal letter to Mr. Luzhkov, Mayor of Moscow and Mr. Sidorov, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation stressing the urgency of restoring the Tchertkoff Library. In March 1996, he personally invited me to his apartment and gave me much needed encouragement and told me, among other things that the culture of a nation depends on its libraries, that is why the government must rank them as its highest priority.

Paul & Barbara Dunkel

I met Paul and Barbara in 1987 while I was teaching at Hackley School in Tarrytown; their daughter Maia was in my first-year Russian class. Paul is the founder, music director and conductor of the Westchester Philharmonic Orchestra and he invited me then to be the narrator of a musical production based on a translation from French of the playwright Jean Cocteau: The Marriage at the Eiffel Tower which took place at SUNY Purchase Concert Hall.

Ten years passed since then. In June 1997 I got a call from a woman, speaking almost fluently in Russian, introducing herself as Maia. The reason she called was that she read the December 31st, 1996 article in the New York Times about my endeavors in Russia and wanted to get together with her former teacher. Upon meeting the Dunkels, I found out how much influence I had over Maia regarding Russia – its language and culture. She is currently working in a law firm in Moscow.

After learning more about the restoration project, Barbara kindly offered her help in compiling the history of the Tchertkoff library and Mansion which is the basis of many of the pages of this site. Without her invaluable assistance, the final product would not have been possible. Thank you!

Andrei Payukov
Voronezh, Russia

Mr. Payukov travelled with me in August 1997 through the Voronezh and Rostov regions where the Tchertkoff Estates are located and took many of the photographs of the Cathedral, sugar factory, and the Chertkovo train station displayed in the Photo Gallery II.

The Foundation wishes to thank the following news media and journalists who gave their considerable time and talent to promote worldwide the Foundation’s goals in Russia:

  • Ella Maximova – Izvestia, Moscow Russia
  • Nikolai Mitrofanov – Vechernaya Moskva, Moscow, Russia
  • Aleksei Mitrofanov – Stolitsa, Moscow Russia
  • Lev Aleinik – Ogonyok, Moscow, Russia and Russkaya Mysl, Paris, France
  • Pavel Popov – Voronezhsky Courier, Voronezh, Russia
  • N. Filatova- Voronezhskye Vesti, Voronezh, Russia
  • Victor Silin- Kommuna, Voronezh, Russia
  • E.Vladimirova- Nezavisimy Courier, Voronezh, Russia
  • S. Popov- Bereg, Voronezh, Russia
  • Alessandra Stanley- The New York Times, New York, USA
  • Richard Beeston – The London Times, London, England
  • Bella Ezersky- Novoe Russkoe Slovo, New York, USA
  • D.Nikolenko- Success, New York, USA
  • Nina Bivzukova- Nadezhda, non-governmental women’s Radio Station, Moscow, Russia
  • Irina Ilovaiskaya- Sophia, non-governmental Radio Station, Moscow, Russia. Editor in Chief of the Russkaya Mysl, Paris, France.
  • Nikolai Alexandrov- Echo Moskvi Radio Station, Moscow, Russia
  • Betty Arren- CNN, Moscow, Russia
  • Francine Silverman- Riverdale Review, New York, New York, USA
  • David Klein- Horace Mann Record, Riverdale, NY USA
  • Alim Morozov- Kommuna, Rossosh, Russia
  • V. Boikov / V. Titova – Voronezh Television Network, Voronezh, Russia


Scott D. Moss, Internet Consultant
RSM Netvertising

A former student of mine who studied French and Russian at Hackley School in Tarrytown, N.Y. in the early 80s, Scott and I met 15 years later during the spring of 1997 to discuss the Foundation restoration project and how to publicize it on the Internet. Scott’s knowledge of the Russian language which he speaks fluently, and love of it’s history and culture coupled with twenty years of computer science background, turned out to be the perfect  match to design this site and put the story on the Net. Scott worked tirelessly for eight months on this project. Without his involvement these pages would not have been possible! THANK YOU!