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1557791384.new_smallIn 1879 Lev Tolstoy, being at the height of his literary recognition and personal prosperity, experienced an emotional crisis which turned his life inside out. He described this crisis in his book Confession. All his previous life seemed to him erroneous and from that time on he tried to look for new paths, devoting the last 30 years of his life to this search.His main companion in this search was Vladimir Grigorievich Chertkov, acquaintance with whom had begun in 1883. Their emotional bond and mutual understanding developed into a  long-term friendship, lasting 27 years.

They not only wrote each other the most detailed letters, but also gave their diaries to one another to read and enthusiastically commented on them.

The second half of Tolstoy’s life ended like the first, in deep emotional crisis. Yet he had no time to write a second Confession. It seems the value and importance of Muratov’s book, being offered now in English translation, is that it, to a great extent, compensates for this gap. Since the relationship between Tolstoy and Chertkov, as shown in their letters, is presented with such total sincerity and confidence, that this book acquires a confessional character.

The translator painstakingly recreated in English the peculiarities of style of two important Russian thinkers of the 19th century.

The book, entitled “L.N. Tolstoy and V.G. Chertkov – Through Their Correspondence” is available in hardcover for $39.50 or paperback for $29.50.

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SSOI_smallThe author of this study makes an attempt to find an explanation for the following three phenomena of the political history of the 20th century: a) Why did all the democratic countries become internally split into two stable political camps (namely liberals and conservatives)? b) Why has the democratic form of government introduced in the post-colonial era been overthrown in so many countries? c) What is the nature of the forces that are unleashed in the waves of mass terror?This study is trying to find the inner connections of these phenomena with the innate inequality of human beings and to present some prognosis of America’s future in the coming 30 years. “Five Talents or One: The Shocking Secrets of Inequality” is available in paperback for $14. Please contact