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At 50km, Southeast there is a village called Rossosh. This village belonged to Alexander’s brother: Lieutenant-General Nikolai Dmitrievitch Tchertkoff (1794-1852). In 1836 Nikolai Dmitrievich donated 2 millions rubles for the construction of a military academy in Voronezh. This academy (Kadetski Korpus) was, by request of the donor, namedMikhailovsky in honor of the Grand-Prince Mikhail Pavlovich Romanov, brother of the Tsar Paul I. In the spring of 1845 the Mikhailovsky Military Academy was solemnly opened in the presence of the Grand-Prince and, since that time provided high standard military personnel for the Imperial Army. Nikolai Dmitrievich died in 1852 in St. Petersburg and was buried in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. On his grave is inscribed “To the founder and trustee of the Mikhailovsky Military Academy – Lieutenant-General N.D.Tchertkoff“.

The Military Academy functioned for 72 years until the revolution of 1917. The main building was destroyed by the Germans in 1943.

In Rossosh there is a museum dedicated to Vladimir Grigorievich Tchertkoff – friend and confidant of Leo Tolstoy for over 30 years. Vladimir’s family had large Estates near Rossosh – Lizinovka and Rzhevsk. In Rzhevsk Vladimir built a printing house where, together with Tolstoy, he started in 1887 to publish a journal: Posrednik in which many Tolstoy’s novels and stories were published. In 1888, he built in Lizinovka a school for peasants. The school is still standing, but is in urgent need to be restored.

Here are views of Rossosh, Lizinovka and Rzhevsk: