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D.V. Tchertkoff, 1758-1831


Dmitry Vasilievich Tchertkoff

Son of Governor-General of the Voronezh region, look Vasili Alekseyevich Tchertkoff (1726-1793), click Dmitry Vasilievich served in the Preobrazhensky Regiment, participated in the Russian-Turkish Campaign, and retired from the army in 1788 as a colonel. In the same year he married Yevdokia Tevyashova (1770-1827) who brought to the union 540,000 acres of land in southern Russia as well as the towns of Rossosh, Olkhavatka, Mitrofanovka, Ostrogorsk and Boguchar. In 1798 he became Voronezh Marshal of Province Nobility. The lands acquired by this marriage remained the property of the Tchertkoff family and were expropriated by the Bolsheviks in 1917.