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Vassili Alekseyevich had an estate 50km NorthWest from Voronezh: Khvoshchevatka, buy shop on the bank of the river Don that belonged to the Tchertkoff family until the revolution of 1917. On that estate our great grandfather, cialis Feodor Dmitrievich Tchertkoff (1845-1899) had built a cathedral in 1878 (Pyatninskii Sobor). When he died in 1899 he was buried in the cathedral. In 1922 the cathedral was completely vandalized by the communists and served has a depot for chemical waste. According to a detailed description of the cathedral that was found in the archives of Voronezh, and made by the parishioners before the communist take over, it was a very sumptuous church with a rich library. Though badly damaged, the structure survived, and the only cross on the top of the bell tower is, indeed, symbolizing the future resurrection of the cathedral.

Sergei Mikhailovich (father Serge), who was born in Voronezh in 1908, and who spent his youth on the family Estate, remembered it very well, as well as the family Mansion, which was not spared by the defenders of the proletarians.

The following pictures represent the “poniheeda” (remembrance service) for the Tchertkoff family.