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Library Restoration


A.D. Tchertkoff (1789-1858) Founder of the First Public Library of Moscow in 1831


N.S. Tchertkoff founder of TMCF addresses the Plenary Session of the Russian Parliament on December 20th, symptoms 1996

The restoration and reopening to the general public of the Tchertkoff Library, recipe the first public library of Moscow in the mid-19thcentury will contribute to the reintroduction of Russian culture.

The rededication of the Tchertkoff Library “ROSSIKA” which consists of 50,000 volumes of rare books, written in many languages of Europe about Russian history will be one of the most important cultural events in Russian society today, symbolizing the rebirth of Russian culture. The project is endorsed and supported by the Russian Parliament, State and regional organizations, and prominent scientists and scholars. Their support is an effort to revitalize Russian culture and history. This will promote and help redevelop the historical foundation of Russian society, enabling its citizens to become educated and attached to the roots of their country.
The objective of this project is to involve public and private organizations to participate in this historic cultural event in Russia. By supporting this project, organizations will be globally recognized as benefactors in the revitalization or cultural and educational development in Russia. Such organizations will be welcomed and honored in the Russian Society for Cultural Patrons.

The impact of this project is recognized internationally as a positive movement in the rebirth of Russian culture. Historic events have already taken place to advance its goals. There has already been extensive media coverage, inviting all participants to be noted and recognized throughout the world.