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How Can You Help the Foundation?

We hope that, after a closer look at this site, you will have gained a richer knowledge of the goals of the Foundation and the momentous task we have set out to accomplish. Yet the underlying goal is simple – help Russia rebuild itself – culturally, economically and spiritually so that future generations can share in their country’s past and help bring it into the future. And this goal is within reach, if only both private people as well as public organizations contribute to the Foundation and to the rebirth of Russia – “the new Russian Renaissance”! Donations to the Foundation can be made in one of two ways, the first of which would allow us to use them as we see fit, or can be earmarked for a specific project. As each project progresses, we will be posting regular reports to the site so you can track your donations at work. The following is the list of current projects in which you can participate:

  1. Rebuilding and rededicating of ROSSIKA, Moscow’s first public library in its original site – the Tchertkoff Mansion.
    Dedicated to the city of Moscow in 1871 by G.A. Tchertkoff as per the will of his father A.D. Tchertkoff, upon the promise that the city would keep the library open and available to the public for all time, events of 1917 forced the closure of the library, and, over time, the deterioration of the books in the collection. Our aim is to restore this collection of 50,000 books and 300 rare manuscripts to their original condition, as well as to renovate the original location of the library so both can be used as the family intended. The second stage will be to completely computerize the library allowing access not only to patrons who visit but for virtual patrons as well!
  2. Rebuilding and restoring the Remennaya Cathedral in Khvoshchevatka.
    This Cathedral, built by F.D. Tchertkoff, was used for over sixty years as a toxic and chemical waste dump, not before the authorities stripped the cathedral of everything valuable and sacred, including the fresco icons and removing the interred body of the founder. It was decimated once again by German artilliary which left a gaping hole in the roof and a hole in the Eastern wall wide enough that through which one can drive a tractor! Our goal here is simple – decontaminate the soil and return the Cathedral to the people as it was pre-1918.
  3. Modernizing the Olkhavatka Sugar Factory to improve manufacturing and distribution.
    Still in operation, this 150-year old factory is in dire need of modern equipment capable of increasing capacity and an overhall of the facility that is used in production. Future projects involve work in the village of Chertkovo. Our goals here are not yet clearly defined.

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Any contribution is gratefully accepted!